What is My Westwood Home Worth?

"What is my Westwood Home value?"  This is by far the most asked question I receive when a Westwood homeowner is thinking about putting his or her home on the market.

Because real estate prices go up and down, and over the years, the market changes, it is very important to get the correct value of your property.

Yes, you can fill out a form for an instant home evaluation or click a Facebook Ad to grab the value... but are they actually giving you a realistic value based on all your upgrades, the condition of your home, etc.? The software that claims to get you a value does not walk your lot, does not tour your interior and does not look at your surrounding environment.

Fill out the form below and give me the best time to call you. I will connect with you and arrange to see your interior and walk your property. After I get the details I need from being physically present...

I will then go back to my office and work out the numbers taking into consideration the past closed sales, the properties ready to close and those who took their properties off of the market. Then we will get together with the knowledge and my extensive experience in pricing according to market values and go over my findings. 

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